SALT Arts Documentation specializes in artistically-informed photography, videography, audio recording, and promotion of the performing arts. SALT is for artists, by artists, with a special emphasis on promoting new works by those in the early stages of their careers or those from minoritized groups that lack access to documentation resources.

As the internet increases the possibilities for sharing our work with larger and more diverse audiences, it has become more and more important to ensure that we retain high-quality documentation of the artistic process, be it the planning stages, development and rehearsals, or the final performance. SALT strives to capture your process in a way that supports your artistic vision for the work, taking into account stylistic, conceptual, historical, and contextual considerations.

SALT is also available to shoot promotional videos for publicity of upcoming events, crowd-funding campaigns, grant applications, or for archival purposes.



SALT can accommodate up to a 10-camera shoot using mirrorless DSLRs which yield video at full 4K resolution for up to 5 hours of uninterrupted recording. Our lens selection can accommodate a variety of venue sizes and lighting situations, including those with extremely low lighting. SALT is also available for editing and post-production, as well as mastering with externally-recorded and edited audio.


SALT is also available to photodocument your event. Our cameras feature silent shutters so as not to disturb the experience of the event for performers and patrons. Additionally, stills can be extracted from our videographic work, as every frame of our raw video files is a high-resolution print-quality image.

Audio Engineering

Want your event to both look and sound great? We can also record audio for your event with either the in-house equipment at your venue or our own contingent of microphones. We can currently accommodate up to 10 channels of sound, and have a wide array of mics to suit your needs.

Web Design & Social Media Management

Once you’ve documented your work, we can help you share it with the world! Whether your organization is new to the web or just wants a fresh look,┬áSALT specializes in creating responsive site designs that are easy to update and maintain. In addition, we can help you manage and curate your social media presence.


Tina Tallon is a photographer, videographer, composer, computer musician and soprano living in San Diego and working around the globe. Ms. Tallon has had the honor of working with many ensembles and organizations as a documentarian, including the San Diego Symphony, Monday Evening Concerts, La Jolla Symphony & Chorus, the Young Musicians Foundation, UC San Diego Music Department, San Diego State University Music Department, International Contemporary Ensemble, Ojai Music Festival, New Music Gathering, soundSCAPE Festival, Cortona Sessions for New Music, and many others. She is currently videographer-in-residence with Monday Evening Concerts, documentarian-in-residence with the Piedmont Chamber Music Festival and Cortona Sessions for New Music, and video artist-in-residence with the La Jolla Symphony & Chorus. Her photography and videos have been published in major newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Boston Globe, and the San Diego Union-Tribune, as well as many local journals and online publications. Ms. Tallon is passionate about creating new works and supporting emerging artists, and takes pride in combining technical mastery with a vast array of artistic experiences to create informed, nuanced, and sophisticated documentation.